I wrote my wishes for 2020 in this post, and wanted to do a recap of whether they had come true. My wishes for 2020 were as follows:

  • Get through the 2nd year of my degree
  • Start blogging regularly
  • Put more effort into my photography
  • Visit more places
  • Spend more time relaxing

I have no idea how, but I did manage to get through the second year of my degree. It was extremely hard doing the degree I do during covid times and I’m extremely proud of myself for getting through to my third and final year, there were many times I thought it wouldn’t be possible.

I did manage to blog regularly in September and October, not as much as I wanted to, but during such a shocking year I’m proud of myself for even doing that and for being happy with my photography in the posts I did publish. I obviously didn’t manage to visit many more places as our trips to Krakow and Marbella were cancelled, however, during that period of non-lockdown we took a covid safe trip to Manchester and Liverpool. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend more time relaxing, 2020 filled me with all of the negative feelings and anxiety so when I haven’t had lots of uni work to get done, I kept myself busy as a distraction!

Katrina in blue and white striped dress holding a pink cocktail wishes

My wishes for 2021…

Finish my degree and graduate! – I am now in my third and final year of university. It’s been an absolute journey, especially during 2020. I love the practical side and where my degree is leading me to but I cannot wait to finish writing essays and read things other than a textbook!

Look after me – I need to practice self-care more this year, making time to do things I enjoy or would like to have more time for e.g. reading a book, having a bath, watching Netflix. I also find yoga and exercise help my mental health a lot, so I would love to do more this year.

Upload to my blog, Instagram and interact more – I really enjoyed sharing to my blog and Instagram for the short time I did it regularly in 2020. I want to take more photos, write more posts and feel proud enough to share them. I also love interacting with other people’s posts – if I post a photo and someone loves it I’d want to know! So I want to make more effort to comment on photos and interacting this year.

Find my personal style again – This year has been mainly spent in loungewear, but I’d love to make some outfits this year even if we are still stuck in lockdown. I fear otherwise that once we get to go out again I’ll have a complete strop about not knowing what to wear!

Start wearing makeup again – As above, I’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to wear makeup on a regular basis and last year when I had put it on, my skills weren’t what they used to be. I want to practice eye looks and contouring so when we can go out again I will be obsessed with my make up!

What are your 2021 wishes?