Friends X Revolution Season 1

in makeup, December 21, 2020

The Friends X Revolution Limitless Palette, Monica Palette, Rachel Lipstick and Joey Lip Gloss on a white wood background, with gold stars and a red velvet ribbon

When I saw this Friends X Revolution collection was coming out, I wanted to buy every single thing from it. Alas, my student budget doesn’t permit me to buy a whole makeup collection so I picked my absolute favourites out of the lipsticks, glosses and eyeshadow palettes. I am aware I’m slightly late to the party with this but I really want to get back into posting makeup.

The Friends X Revolution Monica Palette and Rachel Lipstick on a white wood background, with gold stars
The Friends X Revolution Limitless Palette and Joey Lip Gloss on a white wood background, with gold stars and a red velvet ribbon

I decided to go for the Monica Eyeshadow Palette, Rachel Lipstick, Joey Lip Gloss and the Limitless Eyeshadow Palette, you can read my reasons why below!

Monica Eyeshadow Palette

The Monica palette consists of 3 shimmer shades, 1 glitter shade and 5 matte shades. I felt like this was the perfect autumnal palette with the perfect mix to create a few different eye looks. I am naturally drawn to the shimmer shades, so my favourites are ‘Thanksgiving’ and ‘Chef’. The palette is the perfect size for travelling with – not that in Tier 3 I’m doing much of that – but it’ll be great when the time comes!

Rachel Lipstick

The Rachel lipstick is described as a ‘soft mauve’. I felt like this shade would be similar to M.I.Kiss (previously Bond Girl) by Charlotte Tilbury looking at swatches. I’ve never tried any lipsticks from Make Up Revolution before, but this is such a creamy lipstick that isn’t drying at all on the lips, so I’ll definitely try more from them. I love the rose gold packaging with lips on the lid, I feel like it makes the lipstick look more luxurious and definitely worth more than £6.

Joey Lip Gloss

The Joey Lip Gloss is described as a ‘brown-toned nude’. I am so funny with lip glosses, if they’re too sticky I’m put off by them. This lip gloss feels so nice on the lips and goes perfectly over the Rachel lipstick. I love that there are subs on the lid to match it to Joey, I almost wish they brought out an Ichiban shade though (like Lea-Mai said in her post)! I’ll definitely try more lip glosses from Revolution now.

Limitless Eyeshadow Palette

I obviously had to get the large clapper board eyeshadow palette with 27 shades. I love that one of the neutral shades is called ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ and it’s such a pretty highlight colour too. This is such a versatile palette due to its large range of shades, the neutrals to brights, and has such a large mirror which is perfect to use for doing all of your makeup.

My favourite shades in this palette are Janice, Mindy, Fun Bobby and Barry. These are quite similar shades so you can definitely tell which sort of shades I like! I’m hoping to create a lot of looks with this palette and will add them to this post when I do.

Have you tried any of the Friends X Revolution makeup?