The Ivy in the Lanes, Brighton

in food, review, September 24, 2020
The entrance of Ivy in the Lanes Brighton, with a floral wall and copper bench

Whilst my and I Mom were in Brighton, we went to The Ivy in the Lanes which is a stunning restaurant. If you’ve ever been to any Ivy restaurant, you’ll know how beautiful they are inside and how unique the decor can be to each one. We booked here in advance again because of the current situation and also because we knew at the weekend in such a popular place it would be difficult to get in!

The Ivy Crème Brûlée in dish

We had initially just booked the table for drinks, as we went to The Geese for roast dinner, but couldn’t resist ordering dessert when we saw the menu. The Ivy offers various desserts from mini chocolate truffles to rum baba to a cheeseboard.

I chose the chocolate bombe which was warmed with a delicious salted caramel sauce to reveal a vanilla ice cream and honeycomb centre. The waiter began to pour the sauce before I had a chance to take a photo but I can assure you, it looked amazing! My Mom chose the crème brûlée – which as you can see looked incredible.

The Ivy cocktails in Coupe Glasses with blue Candyfloss pegged to the side of one of the glasses

The drinks we had to begin to accompany our desserts were the Candy Floss Fizz and Crimson Vesper. I was drawn into the Candy Floss Fizz as I love a sweet cocktail, especially when it involved rum. My Mom saw sloe gin in the description of the Crimson Vesper and was sold on that. Both cocktails were exquisite.

We then followed our cocktails with a Seville G&T and a Rhubarb G&G. I love ginger ale to accompany a rhubarb and ginger gin, if you haven’t tried it, you need to! There are so many amazing sounding drinks to choose from, I’d definitely go here if you’re looking for something a bit different!

The Ivy bathroom with dressing room mirrors, lights and stalls and cushioned round chair in the middle

If you need any more evidence of how beautiful The Ivy in the Lanes is, the photo above is of the women’s bathroom! Since going to The Ivy in the Lanes, I have also been to the Ivy Spinningfields in Manchester with my boyfriend. We ate on the Ivy Brasserie floor and went for drinks after our meal on the Ivy Roof Garden. The whole place was gorgeous and looked so beautiful from the outside. My next Ivy to visit is the one where I live in Birmingham as I’ve never been!

Have you ever been to The Ivy?