A long time ago at the beginning of this year…I purchased some wax melts from a local small business, The Cosy Aroma Co. The look of their wax melts on their Instagram drew me in and they had such a variety of scents available including some dupes of my fave Lush scents and perfumes. Something I vowed to myself this year was to make most of my purchases from small businesses, they put so much effort and passion into their products and have great personal customer service that you can’t get with a big company.

An assortment of wax melts in snap bars, minis, rose and star next to a wax melt melting in a burner

The first wax melt that caught my eye was the ‘Snow Fairy’ Snap Bar. I’ve got to say this smells exactly like Snow Fairy and I love having this scent in my home, especially since I wouldn’t be able to smell it again until November without this wax melt! It’s such a pretty pink shade and when warmed is beautiful and shimmery. I would keep buying this scent of wax melt forever!

I also chose the Pomegranate Noir Snap Bar. I’ve never smelt the Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir but have heard great things – however, Jo Malone is on the pricier side so I’m happy to smell it via a wax melt. This smells absolutely incredible, I would definitely repurchase this scent.

The next melt I chose was the ‘Avobath’ Star Melt. I’d never used an Avobath bath bomb when I ordered this, but I have smelt them when browsing in Lush and this scent is spot on. It’s a gorgeous green shade and is a lovely citrusy scent. I’d definitely repurchase this, it’s one of my favourite scents.

The last melt I chose was the ‘Alien’ Rose Melt. This is also a spot on scent and it smells AMAZING. I would burn this melt every day if I could, I can’t describe how good it smells. I also love the pretty rose shape it came in!

I also added a bag of mixed samples to my order including a snap bar, 3 mini heart melts, 3 mini melts and 2 mini flower melts. These scents seem to range from Alien to Lenor smelling fresh fragrances and I loved trying these out! The wax melt mixed samples are a great way to find scents you love at a cheaper price.

An assortment of wax melt snap bars, rose, minis

The Cosy Aroma Co. is open for orders to make your homes smell incredible. I’d definitely recommend you check out their Instagram and make yourself an order, you really won’t regret it! They’ve added a lot more scents since I made my order and their Halloween collection is being released today, so I’ll definitely be making another order!

What is your favourite scent of wax melt?