I have been using the PMD Clean Pro religiously every day morning and evening since lockdown began back in March this year, I feel like one of the many benefits I found from lockdown is that it really pushed me into being less lazy with my evening skincare routine. I have always religiously followed a morning skincare routine but I am so ashamed to admit that my evening skincare has been pretty non-existent bar micellar water until lockdown rolled around.

A photo of a woman in mirror using PMD Clean Pro to cleanse her face

From my small amount of posts this year you have probably realised I like caring for my skin a fair bit. A product I have found this year to be incredibly beneficial for my skin is the PMD Clean Pro. It has two sides, one with silicone bristles which deeply cleanse the skin using SonicGlow technology and the other with a heated Activewarmth pad which helps to assist deeper absorption of skincare products.

It has 4 modes, 1 & 2 which are gentle and intense vibrations to use for cleansing and 3 & 4, gentle and intense pulsations for anti-ageing to use with the massager. The cleansing brush uses SonicGlow technology with over 7,000 vibrations per minute to break down dirt and oil to thoroughly cleanse the skin. I have the Berry version with an anodized aluminium plate, which radiates a soothing heat activated by a button on the back of the brush.

Something I really love about this brush is the silicone bristles and that the head doesn’t need to be replaced. The brush is suitable for all skin types as it is so gentle. I have used other cleansing brushes in the past with brush heads which have felt quite rough on my sensitive skin and the cost of having to purchase new heads for the brush adds up! I find that cleansing with this brush makes my skin feel much cleaner than when I just cleanse with my hands.

The warm plate on the back of the brush head makes massaging in your serum and moisturiser feel like a spa-like experience, I find it sinks in quicker and easier. I can imagine using this in winter on a cold morning will feel like an absolute dream!

A photo of a woman in mirror using warm side of PMD Clean Pro to massage in serum

The PMD Clean Pro is rechargeable and has a super long battery life, I use mine twice a day and the battery lasts a few weeks before it needs charging. It’s a handy USB charger which can be plugged in anywhere, no shaver plug adapters needed. It also comes with a handy travel case which fits the brush along with the charging cable in case you need to take it away with you.

A photo of a woman in mirror using PMD Clean Pro to cleanse her face

The PMD Clean Pro retails for £135 and is available from their website.

Do you use a cleansing brush?