AD – Gifted – Some products in this post were gifted from LoveCrafts

A lot of us out there love a good Galentines Day, personally I believe you can celebrate Galentine’s whether you have a partner or not! It’s nice to have some time to be appreciative of your friends and for an excuse to celebrate your friendship by doing something fun together.

Wool, knitting needles, sweets, films and nail swatch sticks

Gift Swap

Something you can do with your girls for Galentines is a gift swap. You could give handmade gifts such as a scarf, which is what I shall be making with this soft and gorgeous coloured wool from LoveCrafts, this is such a personal idea as you could give it to the friend who loves being cosy or is always cold. I will update you all on this once I’ve made it! You could also put a photo in a frame of you and your friends, so there is always a reminder for them that you are there for them.

Have a Craft Day

A fun thing to do together would be to have a craft day. This could be to attempt a new skill such as knitting or crochet or even painting. I think this is a good way to have a laugh with your friends, not all of us are the best at every skill but it’s always fun trying out something new.

Wool and films Galentines Nail Swatch Sticks

Organise a pamper session

Something I love doing is having a good pamper! You can either go out with your girls for a nice spa day or get your hair and nails done or have a pamper night-in. The ideal things to do for a pamper night-in would be face masks, manicures, pedicures and hair braiding – there’s always one friend who can french braid! I’ve recently completed a gel nail course with The Gel Bottle, so I can now pamper my friends by giving them a manicure.

Organise a movie night-in

Me & my friends love a good movie night, with snacks and maybe a good old Domino’s. Some of the perfect films for these sort of nights are classics like 10 Things I Hate About You and John Tucker Must Die. We love watching films we used to watch at our sleepovers when we were younger that make us feel nostalgic! If you need it, here are some suggestions for films to watch.

Wool and knitting needles

Organise a night out

Me & my friends have actually planned a night out for Galentines, it’ll be so nice to play some games whilst drinking some pink gin and Fanta lemon. It’s also great to get dressed up with your girls and have a dance every so often! Dressing up and doing makeup is always my favourite part of a night out.

Have you got anything planned for Galentines?