AD – Products in this post were gifted as part of Moonpig’s campaign ‘#HeartfeltWithMoonpig’

I’ve never really been a huge Valentine‘s Day person, don’t get me wrong I do like it, but you don’t have to go all out and spend lots of money to have a nice time with your partner and show them you love them! Me & my boyfriend have always preferred to have a nice chilled evening in, maybe with a takeaway or an M&S dinner and watch a film. Moonpig‘s campaign ‘Heartfelt with Moonpig’ is to show you that whatever you’re doing for Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day, you can have a great one.

Assortment of Valentine's Gifts and personalised card

Moonpig sent me a lovely box of goodies to have a great night in with my boyfriend and also some Valentine’s themed treats. There was such a variety of things in the box, it really shows all of the different things you can buy from Moonpig for Valentine’s Day!

The Game of Perfect Partners

I love a good board game or card game, especially one like Mr & Mrs where you can really test if your partner has been listening to you! This one has some really juicy questions which I’m looking forward to asking and answering. We’re actually going out around Valentine’s Day with our couple friends so this will be fun to play while we have a few G&T’s!

Date Night Ideas Dice

This is the ideal gift for indecisive people – like me! I can never decide what to eat, where to go, what to do, so this will be perfect for when my boyfriend wants me to make a decision. Little novelty gifts are always fun to give for Valentine’s Day.

Rosé and Truffle Gift Set

A classic Valentine’s gift, wine and chocolate. This comes in such a lovely box and it’ll be perfect for my Valentine’s night in while watching a film. We can each have a lovely glass of rosé and share these truffles.

Assortment of Moonpig Valentine's Gifts

Date Night Fund Jar

I think this is such a cute little jar and such a great place to put any spare change you have to fund your future date night. This will be perfect on a shelf in our future home to fund those date nights once we’ve been saving for so long.

Melt My Heart Gift Set

Heart-shaped novelty items are just the cutest, aren’t they?! In this gift set, there is a lovely huge heart bath fizzer, a glittery heart lip balm and some cooling eye pads. I think the cooling eye pads would be perfect if you’re relaxing or if you’ve been watching a sad film like Me Before You or P.S. I Love You (which is what I will definitely be using them for!).

Assortment of Moonpig Valentine's Gifts

I also got to choose a few of my own items from Moonpig for my boyfriend as gifts. I was so excited to do this as I had seen so many lovely things on Moonpig that he’d enjoy – or that I found pretty!

Personalised Card

We’ve never made personalised cards for each other, but there’s a first time for everything. I think this is such a lovely idea as you get to pick photos that will make your partner smile or laugh when they open the card. I think my boyfriend will find this card hilarious but he may hate me for putting some of these photos on the internet, haha!

Choc on Choc I Love You Chocolates

Choc on Choc make absolutely gorgeous chocolates for gifts, they always look so luxurious and so artistic. I saw these on Moonpig and thought they were the perfect Valentine’s Day chocolate! Admittedly, I thought these would be perfect for my boyfriend to give to me for Valentine’s Day, but I’m sure he’ll share one or two with me!

Assortment of Moonpig Valentine's Gifts Pastel unicorn glitter roses

Disney Lady & the Tramp Mr & Mrs Mugs

I thought these were completely adorable, the heart-shaped handles make them the perfect Valentine’s gift. We both love the Lady and the Tramp so these are great for us and will be so lovely to have a caramel latte in these!

100 Movies Scratch-off Poster

As I mentioned before, we love watching films but I’m so indecisive that we never know what to watch! This movie bucket list will be perfect to help us decide what to watch, as we can just scratch off the ones we’ve already seen and then start from the top. There are some top-rated films on here, so I’m excited to get watching.

Letterbox Unicorn Roses

Valentine’s Day is also such a lovely excuse for flowers. These unicorn roses are stunning with their pastel colours and glitter, and they came packed perfectly in a letterbox sized box. I’ve never had letterbox flowers before but what a great idea!

What are your favourite Valentine’s gifts to give/receive?