My Wishes for 2020

in lifestyle, January 13, 2020

2019/2020 Rose Gold Diary, With Rose Gold lights, rings, necklace and Zara perfume bottle

Every year since I’ve been blogging I’ve put up a goals post for the new year, and when writing my new year goals posts I usually spend time recapping on how I’ve achieved my goals for the previous year. In all honesty, 2019 wasn’t great for me, so I won’t beat myself up for not achieving my goals last year at all. Instead, I will praise myself in managing to get through a year I found incredibly difficult and look forward to the year ahead!

To do something a bit different this year, I’ve decided to set myself ‘wishes’ for the new year, so there is no pressure on me to achieve them but if they happen, it’ll be a great achievement and something for me to be proud of. They are quite similar to last years ‘goals’, but I already feel in the motivated mindset this year compared to last year! This post is going up a bit later than I hoped due to lack of light for photos, I hope you still enjoy it.

2019/2020 Rose Gold Diary, With Rose Gold lights, rings, necklace and Zara perfume bottle 2019/2020 Rose Gold Diary, With Rose Gold lights and necklace

Get through the 2nd year of my degree

I’m already 4 months down, I have three placements to go and just 6 months until all of my theory is done for this year! It’s scary to think of the amount of work and revision I have to complete in that time, but I’m sooo excited at the thought of getting into my third year and also that I can finally say I finish next year.

Start blogging regularly

2019 wasn’t a good year for me, so I didn’t want to push content when I wasn’t feeling it. This year I am feeling extremely motivated to start blogging regularly, I really missed it and felt sad when looking back at the lack of blog posts I put up this year. I want to start writing about makeup and skincare again and feel so inspired after catching up on my favourite blogs. One of the first things I need to do this year is to change my theme, I despise it – so if you know any good websites/Etsy shops for themes, let me know in a comment!

Put more effort into my photography

I want to be proud of the photos I produce and post this year, rather than comparing them to others (who have probably put way more work in than I have) and putting up photos I find ugly. I’ve been looking at what I find aesthetically pleasing in a photo, so when I next take a batch of blog photos, I plan to put these into practice. This also works for my Instagram, I want to create a feed I like to look at and feel proud of.

Visit more places

In 2020, I want to see more of the UK and the world, others blog posts have inspired me to do this and I’ve been looking on Air BnB over the Christmas period. There are so many gorgeous places to see, I’d love to get out of my busy city sometimes and explore somewhere more quaint and quiet. Please let me know if there’s anywhere in the UK or Europe that I have to see, I’d love to hear some recommendations.

Spend more time relaxing

I find it hard to shut off from my uni work and relax, so I’m hoping to do more relaxing this year. My main aim of this is to watch more TV series and films to relax, every time someone asks me “Have you seen the new season of You/Stranger Things/Brooklyn 99/Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?” my answer is always no. It’d be nice to actually have a conversation about them and not have to avoid spoilers constantly! I’d also love to read some books to unwind, although after reading textbooks for months that one isn’t as desirable!

Do you set yourself goals or wishes for the new year?

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