Current Skincare Routine

in skincare, January 16, 2020

AD – Some of the products in this post were gifted

I haven’t posted a skincare routine in quite a while, and a lot has changed with what I use on my skin. The brands I use now are completely different from what I used 6 months ago, let alone nearly 4 (!) years ago when I last posted a skincare routine. So I thought I’d update you on the products I’m using currently.

Skincare Cleanser Bar, Origins Moisturiser Pot, Pixi Glow Tonic, Hot Cloth Cleanser and Nip+Fab ExfoliatorSkincare Cleanser Bar, Origins Moisturiser Pot, Pixi Glow Tonic, Hot Cloth Cleanser and Nip+Fab Exfoliator

Carbon Theory Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Bar

This is a brand I took a chance on after being desperate to clear my skin. I’ve used a facial cleansing bar a few times in my life from a different brand, I find them good for getting just the right amount of product! The Charcoal in this draws out all the bacteria and oil to the surface of the skin and the Tea Tree oil keeps the skin clear, as well as reducing inflammation. I got quite a few painful inflamed spots before using this, but I find I get less now using this cleanser. The cleansing bar is also better for the environment than one in plastic packaging! This one was definitely worth a repurchase.

Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser

I’ve been using Hot Cloth Cleansers for years as my evening cleanse to take my makeup off. Now if Aldi isn’t somewhere you’d usually pick up skincare, you need to change your mind! Everything I’ve tried so far from them has been similar to the real thing, at a fraction of the price. This cleanser contains cocoa butter which makes my skin feel so soft and its great feeling like your skin is completely clean after a full day in makeup. I’m not usually a huge fan of cleansers with scents, but this one isn’t too overpowering so I can deal with it. Once this is done, I’ll be repurchasing if it’s back in Aldi!

Cleanser Bar and Origins Moisturiser Pot with pink ribbonCleanser Bar and Origins Moisturiser Pot with pink ribbon

Pixi Glow Tonic

I’m not a fan of the matte look – therefore I like to glow up my routine with some Pixi glow tonic. Because my skin can be quite sensitive, I use this every other day so it doesn’t begin to irritate my face. It is such a luxurious product that I lusted after for so long, I think I’ve read about it on every single blog I read. After trying a mini version first, I had to purchase the full size. Now it’s in my skincare routine I couldn’t be without it!

Nip+Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Scrub

I can’t be without an exfoliating scrub in my skincare routine. I actually bought this when my skin was in a terrible state to try and help to resolve it. Luckily it did help my skin out, it’s so much less textured and bumpy now. I use this on a weekly basis to keep my skin smooth and refreshed, it is perfect for before I fake tan too!

Origins GinZing Oil-Free Energy Boosting Moisturiser

At the Glamour Beauty Festival back in November, one of the ladies at the Origin stand tried this moisturiser out on me and it felt amazing. We also got some samples in our goody bag which I used before making the jump and buying the full size. The smell of this is incredible, it smells like chocolate orange and it feels so cooling on the skin. I love gel moisturisers, they feel so nourishing, they don’t feel heavy at all and they don’t make me look extremely oily!

Skincare Lavera Sheet Masks with Pink RibbonSkincare Lavera Sheet Masks with Pink Ribbon

Lavera Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have become a huge part of my skincare routine since first picking some up at Sephora in Paris three years ago. Now every time someone visits somewhere with a Sephora, they will pick me some up which I appreciate massively! I just find them so nourishing to the skin. I was kindly sent Lavera’s sheet mask range to try out, the masks are all organic, biodegradable and cruelty-free. They are quite pricey at £6.95 each, however with all of the benefits they give I feel the price is justified.

There are four types of Lavera sheet masks. The first is the Illuminating mask which is infused with Dragon-Fruit and Raspberry, which has been great for those winter days when my skin has been feeling a bit dull, or whilst I’ve had a horrendous cold over Christmastime! This mask made my skin look and feel refreshed which is exactly what I needed.

The Firming mask contains hyaluronic acids and Karanja oil, which reduce fine lines and provide anti-inflammatory effects. It also contains lavender water and aloe vera oil, which feel so soothing on your skin, especially if you’re having a bad skin day or it is feeling a bit more sensitive than usual.

The Hydrating mask is infused with Cucumber and glacier water, which are both refreshing and moisturising ingredients. This is great for hydrating my skin after being in cold weather, especially at the moment. It makes my skin look much softer and dry patches that are usually there when I put my foundation on are gone after this mask has done its job!

Finally, the Purifying mask contains natural Salicylic acid and mint. This is great for that time of the month when you have a big breakout. It helps to clear the dirt and oil out of my pores, and my skin begins to look clearer after I’ve used this mask!

Have you tried any of these products?