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In my household, essential oils have always been used. Whether it’s eucalyptus oil for a cold, tea tree oil as an antiseptic (and to help my skin) or lavender oil to help us sleep, they have always been in use and have always helped me in one way or another. When I was contacted by Simply Earth to review one of their recipe boxes, I knew it would be right up my street.

I think natural remedies are such a great way to attempt to treat conditions or colds as they can do no harm, but could possibly do a lot of good. I had never thought about doing any DIY projects with essential oils until learning about the Simply Earth recipe boxes, and as well as the many recipes included I now have lots of projects I’d love to attempt with the essential oils!

Simply Earth Bottles of Essential Oils in front of a Himalayan Salt Lamp, Soy Wax, Oil Burner and CandleSimply Earth Bottles of Essential Oils, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Oil Burner and Candle

I received the October recipe box, which contains 4 essential oils (Cassia, Sweet Orange, Balsam Fir and essential oil blend ‘Focus’) along with 6 recipes, soy wax, two lip balm containers and a wick for the candle recipe. Each essential oil has many benefits on the mind and body, with recipes to go alongside to reap these benefits.

The recipes in the October Simply Earth box include a lip balm, joint pain roll-on, diffuser, DIY rice bag and two candles, which are all great for these Autumn/Winter months. Some of the recipes involve using a carrier oil too, such as almond oil or coconut oil, which are cheap to buy from places like Boots and Holland and Barrett.

Simply Earth Bottles of Essential Oils in front of an oil burner and candle

I love the Focus lip balm – any skincare product that contains almond oil is guaranteed to be hydrating – which is exactly what you need for your lips in the colder months! It is easier than I thought it would be to make your own lip balm, so this is a recipe I’d definitely try again. It’s great knowing your lip balm is made from natural ingredients.

Two of the recipes I am most excited to see the benefits of are the Joint Pain Roll-On and the DIY Aromatherapy Rice Bag. I suffer quite badly with joint pain and muscle ache and if these work – it would be an absolute godsend. I just need to find a roll-on bottle to recycle to put the joint pain roll-on in before attempting this one!

Simply Earth Bottles of Essential Oils in front of a Himalayan Salt Lamp Simply Earth Bottles of Essential Oils in front of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

The other recipes are very important for making your house smell Autumnal and beautiful, which is one of my favourite things about Autumn – the scents! The two candles and diffuser blend are incredibly easy to make, which means I am definitely willing to try them again once I’ve collected more containers to put them in!

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