Mini Sephora Haul

in beauty, haul, September 26, 2019

When I went to Ibiza back in July for a week, we took a trip to Ibiza Town to do a bit of shopping and explore the capital of Ibiza. As we were there during the European heatwave, it was absolutely BOILING and for once my boyfriend was happy to be in Sephora with me (I think), as they had incredible aircon! Anywhere there is a Sephora, I have to visit, and I’ve now been to Sephora in Paris, Mexico and Ibiza. I love seeing what different products they have on offer around the world.

Sephora’s own brand products are some of my favourites on the market. I’ve never tried their makeup unfortunately but I LOVE their skincare, which I head straight for every time I step foot in the shop. The sheet masks I bought from Ibiza were the Green Tea, Pineapple and Pomegranate which seemed like they’d be ideal for my skin. I’ve tried so many of the Sephora face masks before, but never their eye masks so I decided to pick a few of these up this time too. The eye masks I bought were the Cucumber and Pomegranate, Cucumber is always so soothing on tired eyes!

I also picked up two of the body polishes, which I have never tried before. I picked these up in Watermelon and Papaya, they’re great travel size scrubs and smell so good! You also don’t have the awkwardness of trying to squeeze those last bits out when you’re running out of scrub due to the easy packaging.

The last and most exciting thing I picked up was the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. When I saw the Tarte stand I was completely overwhelmed! Obviously we don’t have any Tarte counters or stands in the UK and there wasn’t a stand in Mexico either – so I wasn’t expecting to see Tarte stocked in Sephora Ibiza. I wanted to pick up so many products that I’d heard amazing things about, but as I couldn’t decide what to buy I just went with the mascara as I didn’t have to do any colour matching.

I’d love to head to another Sephora in the near future more prepared to do a big haul of products! I recently went to Tenerife for a weekend with friends but we were on the other side of the island so missed out on shopping in Sephora.

Have you ever bought anything from Sephora?