AD – contains Daily Goal Setter Planner sent for review from Mål Paper

Daily Goal Setter Planner with Sunflowers and Purple Freesias

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love being organised and stationery is my favourite way to get organised. I am constantly on the hunt for the next new item of stationery I can add to my collection, and the excitement is real when I find that item that’s perfect for me and my busy life. Being on a demanding university course means that I love stationery that is laid out perfectly, for me not to have to think about it too much.

The Daily Goal Setter planner, created by Mål Paper has space for all types of planning, with examples of how to fill it out to use it to its full potential. There is space at the front to set your long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. I love this as it helps me to see the bigger picture on those days that I’m stressed and wondering how I’ll ever get through uni! The next section is a monthly planner, I love the way this is set out as it helps you to see all of your plans and things-to-do for the month.

Daily Goal Setter Planner with Sunflowers and Purple Freesias Sunflowers and Purple Freesias

The weekly review section of the planner has come in very handy for these busy weeks of Summer placement and getting my last requirements for year 1 of my course finished. I like how you can prioritise tasks – this makes me feel better if I don’t complete tasks that week that weren’t as important.

There are plenty of day pages to get through in the ‘Daily Tasks’ section and this is my favourite section of them all. Firstly, it makes you consider everything you’re grateful for, which is great on those bad days when you’re feeling like you have nothing to be grateful for. Then there is a lot of space to make a list for the day, which I am a huuuuge fan of as I make so many lists.

Daily Goal Setter Planner page with Sunflowers and Purple Freesias Example page with Sunflowers and Purple Freesias

My favourite thing overall about the Daily Goal Setter planner is that none of it is dated, so if you’re like me and you forget to use a diary for a while, you can come back to it and it’s not wasted or out of date. I love that each section has space to rate and reflect on your day, week or month, which I think is extremely important for self-care and mental wellbeing. This has been a great addition to my stationery collection and I think it would make a great gift for someone that has a lot going on!