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Sign Birmingham to London at Cadbury World

I have lived in Birmingham for my whole life, but I rarely ever go on days out in Birmingham or know as much about where to go out in Birmingham as people that aren’t from the city do! We decided to have a couple’s day out in Birmingham, to explore our city more and visit some places we’ve never been together. We went to a few places that would be ideal to visit if you were visiting the city and staying at any hotels in Birmingham.

The first attraction of the day we chose to go to was Cadbury World, an attraction you can only find in Birmingham. We both hadn’t been here for years and thought it’d be a good idea to go to see how it has changed. I love Cadbury’s story, which was great to learn about again. Something I did notice had changed was accessibility, there are now British Sign Language videos around the attraction alongside videos with speech playing which I thought was brilliant.

The 4D cinema was nearly the best part of Cadbury World, it was better than any 4D cinema I’d been to at any other attractions, as it involved more than just a puff of air and spray of water. There were quite a few interactive sections around the attraction, like getting to write using chocolate. If you love chocolate, Cadbury World is a great place to go. As well as getting to know the history of Cadbury’s, we got quite a few freebies, my favourite being liquid chocolate with fudge and biscuit toppings!

Between our trip to Cadbury World and our next excursion, we decided to have a stop at Nando’s. I know you can find Nando’s all over the UK, not just in Birmingham. But it’s a great in-between meal when you don’t want fast food, but you also don’t want a three-course meal! We spent some time here enjoying our chicken, garlic bread and peri-salted chips before heading to our next adventure.

Cadbury's Gorilla playing drums Katrina and Rhys written in chocolate Cadbury World Birmingham

In the evening, we decided to take a long overdue trip to Ghetto Golf. We’ve wanted to go here since before it opened and seeing all the photos on social media enticed me in. I’m surprised it took us so long to go! We chose the Birdie package which included the 18-hole game of crazy golf plus two selected drinks. The drinks were so tasty – and well worth buying the higher package for. We were also impressed that the staff came around the course to take your drinks orders whilst you were playing.

Ghetto Golf Birmingham Course hole

The crazy golf course was incredible, it was nothing like any other crazy golf we had been to before, and it was such a fun night. It looked just as amazing in real life as it had done on Instagram. We also enjoyed the photo booth at the end, to have a photo memory from our night, it’s so hard to have photos taken as a couple! I’d definitely recommend going here at some point, it’s great for an evening or night out in Birmingham!

Woman with red hair playing Ghetto Golf Birmingham Man with brown hair playing Ghetto Golf Birmingham

Have you ever been to either of these places?