I really wanted to begin writing these student midwife updates month by month, but in all honesty, these last few months have been a complete whirlwind. I was inspired to write these by Rosie, whose blog I’ve been reading for two years now.

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I thought I’d start my monthly updates from now, during my Christmas break & catch you up on what I’ve been up to since mid-September. After completing my access course earlier this year, I started studying Midwifery at university in September.

September 2018

Starting the course seems like such a distant memory, even though I only started just over 3 months ago. I vaguely remember enrolling on the course and trying on the uniform before Welcome Week. During Welcome Week, we were told the hospitals we’d be at during our three years at university and had our hospital inductions, which was very exciting!

The second week at university, we were learning how to take our basic observations – pulse, blood pressure, temperature and respiration rate. I still can’t get my head around manual blood pressure and the sphygmometer, but I’ve been it assured it is a skill that will click in time.

October 2018

October was the first month I felt like a student midwife, after getting to wear my uniform for our first skills week. This meant that I got to wear my gorgeous unloops – ever so unflattering but extremely comfy. During this week we did aseptic non-touch technique, handwashing, oral drugs and injections.

The rest of this month revolved around A&P for me, some topics I prefer more than others so I was very busy revising those.

At the end of October, we went out on observational placement which I was so excited and nervous for. I was out in the Community first, I loved having my first real taste of the career I’m going into and getting hands-on experience.

November 2018

November has been my favourite month of the course so far. I started off on my Community placement and then had a week back at university, with a mock exam for A&P and a skills session on Neonatal Resuscitation.

After a week at university, I began my Delivery Suite placement which was incredible. During the time I was out, I saw three very different births but all equally amazing. I can’t wait to be back out next year and start caring for women and catching babies myself!

December 2018

This month we only spent two weeks at university before Reading Week and going off on our Christmas break. These two weeks we had a lot of information to retain, but it is such a relief knowing all of our modules have now been launched so I have a chance to get my head around every module whilst I’m off!

The beginning of next year is the start of exams and deadlines – I was told the course would go fast but the first year has already sped by so far, and I’m loving it!