2019 Goals

in lifestyle, personal, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome to my 2019 goals. Another year has gone incredibly fast, as they always do – such a cliché thing to say, I know. In 2018, I turned 22, began studying midwifery at university (one of my 2018 goals), went on the most incredible holiday to Mexico and had the loveliest Christmastime, spending time with my loved ones.

Despite having some great parts of 2018, I’m determined to make 2019 a better year and to feel less down and that is what I’m trying to achieve through my goals this year!

2019 Goals, Prosecco, Glasses and 2019 on Chalkboard

Say ‘No’ More

This one is inspired by Vix and her post “I’m Sad When…” (which I recommend you read). Vix mentions saying no to more things that make her unhappy, and yes to more things that make her happy – I’m going to be doing the same this year.

In fear of being ‘selfish’, I rarely put myself first and in turn please everyone else even if my mood suffers. Too many times in 2018 I suffered from burnout due to not wanting to let people down, and I won’t let 2019 be the same.

Cut Down My Screen Time

By less ‘screen time’ in no way do I mean less Netflix! Ever since my iPhone has started telling me how much time I’m spending scrolling social media, I’ve managed to see how much time I’m actually wasting on my phone.

This year I plan to spend the time I’d usually spend scrolling on my phone reading a book or watching something on Netflix – just doing something more productive with my time than laughing at memes.

Make More Time To Relax

I received many bath products for Christmas so this should help me with this one! I rarely ever take time out to relax – I spend my day at uni, then once I get home I work or blog until I go to bed.

This year I need to give myself an hour or two in the evening to either have a relaxing bath or watch a TV show I love, I feel like this will help to lower my stress levels as long as I can stick to it!

Up My Blogging Game

Last year I attempted to up my blogging game – it didn’t work. This year I want to actually improve my blog and produce quality content that I’m happy with – this is not the year for half-arsed posts!

I’ve been listening to Vix’s ‘Exciting Emails’ podcast and reading all of her helpful exciting emails, which have really inspired me to put more effort into my blog and made me realise I can improve my blog step-by-step, rather than overwhelming myself by trying to do everything at once.

Treat Myself

This sounds like an odd one, but I can count on one hand the number of things I bought for myself in 2018, and I can guarantee those things were either my moisturiser, shower gel or something else that was necessary.

This year I want to not feel guilty for buying myself something nice, whether it be a chocolate bar or a new makeup item I’ve been lusting after.

What are your 2019 goals?