It seems like this year, gin has become everyone’s favourite go-to spirit, so it is no surprise that you can now sign up to a gin subscription service! ILoveGin has a monthly gin & tonic box, which contains two gins and two tonics, enough to make four delicious G&Ts every month.

ILoveGin sent me their November ‘Winter Elixir’ box to taste test, which included Pin Gin, J.J. Whitley Gin and Lixir Tonics. I was very intrigued to try some new gins, as I only recently tried gin and I’d only tried one flavour!

ILoveGin Violet Cinnamon Gin Orange Tonic WaterILoveGin Winter Elixir Box Leaflet

In the ‘Winter Elixir’ box, I received Pin Gin, a dry gin with notes of black pepper, rose, lavender, liquorice, almond, citrus and cinnamon; and J.J. Whitley Violet Gin, which is created with a blend of eight botanicals, including juniper, coriander, liquorice, angelica root and violet. There were also two Lixir tonics inside, the classic Indian Tonic Water and the Blood Orange and Cinnamon Tonic Water.

Inside the box, you also get a booklet containing information about each gin and tonic, along with recipes to make a great G&T. There is also space to rate each gin and tonic, in case you want to repurchase any in the future.

ILoveGin Violet Cinnamon Gin Orange Tonic ILoveGin Violet Gin Tonic Water

Unfortunately, at the time of trying out the gins and taking the photographs for this post, I didn’t have any Copa glasses – so I had to make do with the glasses in our cupboard. The first G&T I made was Pin Gin with Lixir Blood Orange and Cinnamon Tonic and an orange peel garnish on the side. I couldn’t try this one as I’m actually allergic to cinnamon, so my Mom taste tested this one.

The second G&T I made was J.J. Whitley Violet Gin with Lixir Classic Indian Tonic and blueberries. I love the way this G&T tasted and the way it looked, so I was glad you get enough gin and enough tonic to make two G&Ts!

ILoveGin Violet Gin Cinnamon Gin ILoveGin Violet Gin Tonic Blueberries

I think this ILoveGin monthly subscription box is a great way to try new gins and mixers, it can be expensive to buy a full-sized bottle of gin so this is definitely a cheaper way to try something new! I also think it’s great that you get enough for four G&Ts, as if there are two of you, you’ll both get to try both flavours included in the box.

ILoveGin Violet Gin Penguin Glass ILoveGin Pin Gin Tonic Orange Peel on Glass

If the ILoveGin subscription box sounds like something you’d love or love to give as a gift, you can sign up here.

This post contains gifted items, which were sent to me to review.