Last week, I went along to Dirty Martini in Birmingham for the Viking Picture Perfect event, involving a masterclass from Elouisa Georgiou. I was so excited in the run-up to this event, I’d heard great things about Dirty Martini – and their cocktails – and I am always up for learning ways to improve my photography skills. On arrival, Chloe, Nati, Ella and I were greeted and handed a delicious Bellini, one of my favourite drinks.

Viking Picture Perfect Talk Dirty to Me Viking Picture Perfect Christmas Set UpViking Picture Perfect Drinks and Geometric Ceiling Effect

After we had walked around the venue for a while and taken in the festive atmosphere, we had a short presentation from Elouisa where she explained what would be happening at the Viking Picture Perfect Event and that we would be carrying out two tasks.

We split into small groups for our tasks, to make things easier and to bounce our creativity off each other. The first task I participated in with Chloe and Maddie was to create a photo using reflection and refraction. I am such a perfectionist so I found this task really hard, although I did come away with a few photos that I liked.

For this task, we had a few different types of equipment to use, including glass prisms, plastic bottles and colour filters to create an image that could be used for a product. I think this style of photography can look really creative and I’m looking forward to playing with this style a lot in the future.

Viking Picture Perfect Butterfly Woman Red Effect Viking Picture Perfect Butterfly Woman Red Ceiling

The second task involved using LED lighting and the festive table set-up to create an image that could be used for something festive, such as a Christmas card. This style of photography is probably what I feel most comfortable doing, especially since I have taken so many product photos for my blog over the years.

The table set-up was beautiful so it wasn’t incredibly difficult to take an image I liked in this task, although looking back I wished I’d been more creative with it. This task gave me a lot of inspiration for my Christmas related photos for my blog and Instagram, so I hope I find time to take some!

Viking Picture Perfect Candle Crackers Viking Picture Perfect Set Table Christmas

We had to pick a photo we’d taken on the night to be entered into a competition to win a photo printer. After going through all of the photos I’d taken, I decided on the cocktail photo below and printed it out using the photo printer. Elouisa then went through all of the photos with us as we explained why we chose the photos we did. It was nice to be able to have a print of the photo we’d taken on the night to pop in our goodie bag to take home.

Viking Picture Perfect Christmas Cranberry Cocktails Viking Picture Perfect Christmas Cocktail

I loved finding more out about my camera and using manual mode, such as setting the aperture, ISO and shutter speed to suit the environment where the image is being taken. I did know a little bit before, but I feel like I’m more confident with it after this event!

I had a great time at the Viking Picture Perfect Event, learning about improving my photography skills and tasting Dirty Martini’s new Christmas cocktail menu. If you want to check out any of Elouisa’s photos, there are some in my post from the Giffgaff Gameplan event.