Since I ‘lost’ my FitBit around 2 years ago, I’ve wanted another fitness band. FourFit sent me over their Fit Band 2.0 to try out and I was very interested to see what a different brand of fitness tracker was like.

The Fit Band 2.0 has an interesting way of charging. To save on plastic, the band comes off the tracker, which can be plugged straight into a USB plug. Once I figured out how to charge it, it charged very quickly, which is very handy.

FourFit Fit Band


The Fit Band comes in Black, Blue, Aqua (shown in this post), Pink and Purple, which is quite a variety for a fitness tracker.

I quite like the simplistic design of this fitness band. You can get to all of the information on the band easily, and the main screen includes the time, day, date and battery life. The other screens you can swipe along to are your steps, heart rate and calories burned. The band itself is also quite comfortable to wear and fit my wrist well, although I did find the clasp around the wrist came undone a few times whilst I was wearing it.

FourFit Fit Band BPM

FourFit Fit Band Steps

Accompanying App

The accompanying app for the FourFit Fit Band is ‘DayDay Band’. When you sign up to it, it asks for your sex, height, weight and year of birth. The app has two displays, the first for steps, including distance, calories burned and rating. The second display is for sleep tracking, including the hours or minutes you are in deep sleep, light sleep and how many times you are awake during one night. You can click on the ‘Steps’ and ‘Sleep’ circles for an overview of your steps and sleep over the day, week or month.

The app is easy to use and your data is easily accessible on it, and it does provide some extra insight into your steps and sleep. However, it would be great if it contained more features such as tracking how much water you’ve drunk or what food you’ve eaten that day.

The app also enables you to set alarms, which I did a few times as it is quite handy to have a silent alarm sometimes.

FourFit Fit Band Charger

Steps, Heart Rate & Sleep

The FourFit Fit Band seemed to accurately count my steps when I compared to what Health on my iPhone had counted. However, the band was saying my heart rate was in the 80’s when resting, so I don’t think it was picking up my heart rate very accurately, considering my usual resting heart rate is 63!

The sleep tracker was also slightly off, but I’m guessing that was also to do with the heart rate. I never sleep through the night without waking up, and I always know how many times I’ve woken up in the night. When I synced the band one morning it said I hadn’t woken up during the night, but both the time I went to sleep and woke up in the morning were accurate.

It also has a ‘shake to take a selfie’ feature which I haven’t seen on any other fitness band which was quite interesting, and I suppose would be very handy if you didn’t have a thumb free to press the shutter button on your phone.


The Fit Band 2.0 RRP is £49 and can be found here.

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