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As you’ll know if you’ve been reading my blog since this series of Bake Off began, I was intending on baking along each week as I have done in previous years. However, a difference this year is that I started university full time and it just wasn’t feasible to spend hours baking, taking photos, editing them and writing up a blog post all about the bake. I thought I’d return for the final however in the Star Blogger Bake Off.

Star Blogger Bake Off Malteser Drip Cake Star Blogger Bake Off Malteser Drip Cake Flatlay

I actually missed out on watching Bake Off for a few weeks due to uni reading and general life, but when I caught up I was imagining all the delicious bakes I could’ve made. I attempted Bread Week but that failed miserably, I would’ve loved to attempt the Dessert, Pastry and Vegan weeks.

Star Blogger Bake Off Malteser Drip Cake Segment Star Blogger Bake Off Malteser Drip Cake Decoration

I chose to attempt a drip cake for the first time for the Star Blogger Bake Off, I’ve wanted to make a drip cake for such a long time but I’ve never had an occasion to until now. I’d seen this delicious looking Malteser Drip Cake on Jane’s Patisserie and decided to go for this one as her recipes always turn out perfectly for me and they always look incredible!

Star Blogger Bake Off Whole Malteser Drip Cake Star Blogger Bake Off Malteser Drip Cake Slice

My decoration didn’t turn out exactly how I’d hoped, as my drips weren’t really uniform, but the cake was still delicious nonetheless. The Bake Off final coincided well with a Halloween party I went to, so I actually had people to eat this massive cake that I made and it hasn’t gone to waste.

Star Blogger Bake Off Malteser Drip Cake Slice Taken Out Star Blogger Bake Off Trophy Malteser Drip Cake

For joining in with the Star Blogger Bake Off, I received this ‘Star Baker Blogger’ trophy – I’ve never received a trophy for anything before so it was exciting to open this parcel up. I will make sure to put this on the kitchen shelf to remind me of all the bakes I’ve done that have gone right when I’m getting stressed about a bake going wrong!

Have you enjoyed watching Bake Off? Who do you want to win?

My Star Blogger Bake Off is sponsored by Jackson Trophies.


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