At the end of September, Bethan and I headed along to the Lush Birmingham store to get a first look at their new Halloween and Christmas products, as well as some of their existing products. We were split into smaller groups to make it easier to showcase the products to us. We met some lovely people from just creating a random group!

Lush Birmingham Store Bath Bombs

The first station our group went to was ‘Bath’, which was my favourite. Here we got to make bath cocktails, mixing different bubble bars and bath bombs together to create beautiful colours, patterns and moisturising bath water.

One of my personal favourites was Santa Bomb Bomb bath bomb, which turned the water red and white, the exact Santa colours, which made me so excited. We added the Luxury Lush Pud to it and painted the surface with the Candy Bubble Brush, it looked so pretty and was a pinky red!

Lush Birmingham Santa Bomb Bomb Lush Birmingham Bath Cocktail

The second station our group went to was ‘Body’. This was the most shimmery station of the night. We got to try out the new Shimmer Jars – my favourite one of these was the Gingerbread Man.

We also got to try out naked body lotions, which were interesting and I feel like they’d make you waste less product. We also loved the Fairy Dust dusting powder, which has the same scent as Snow Fairy!

Lush Birmingham Sparkle JarsLush Birmingham Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt

The third station our group went to was ‘Shower’. I love Lush shower gels and shower jellies, I was so excited to see that they’d brought the Santa’s Belly shower jelly back, and also brought out a Butterbear shower jelly – I’d love to get this one nearer to Christmas.

I loved seeing the Ectoplasm and Cinders shower gels and was amazed at the fact that they were as bright on the skin as they were in the bottle.

Lush Birmingham Giant Butterbear Shower Jelly Lush Birmingham Snow Fairy Soap Bar

The fourth and final station our group went to was ‘Knot Wraps and Eco’. Here we got to see how to do different things with the Lush knot wraps, other than just wrapping up your bath bombs. We also had a talk from The Clean Kilo who are a zero waste supermarket in Birmingham. It was interesting to find out about some alternatives to plastic products.

Obviously, I had to pick up a few bits, especially since it was my first time seeing the collections in person and as I always do when I’m in Lush Birmingham. I bought my friend the Eyeball bath bomb and Ectoplasm Shower Scream for her birthday, as her birthday is in October she loves Halloween I thought these would be perfect gifts for her.

Lush Birmingham Knot Wraps Eco Lush Birmingham Shoot for the Stars

For myself, I went completely Christmas themed, obviously. I didn’t realise until writing this but I picked up all bubble bars, the Candy Mountain Yule Log Bubble, Puddy Holly Bubbleroon and Candy Cane reusable bubble bar. I’ll be getting quite a few baths out of these!

Bethan also picked up the Puddy Holly Bubbleroon and Candy Cane reusable bubble bar, as well as Perle de Sel bath bomb, Snow Fairy shower gel, Once Upon A Time body lotion and Fairy Dust dusting powder. I’m sure we’ll both be heading into Lush Birmingham again before Christmas to pick up some more things!

Lush Birmingham Bubble Brushes Lush Birmingham Puddy Holly

What have you got your eye on from the Lush Halloween and Christmas ranges?