When we went on holiday to Mexico, we flew with TUI on their Boeing- 787 Dreamliner from Manchester to Cancun. As neither of us had ever flown long haul before, we’d been watching loads of vlogs on YouTube to see what it was like, as we’d heard great things about the Dreamliner. The Dreamliner was so different to any plane we’d ever flown on before, it felt so spacious – possibly because the windows are approximately 30% bigger than an average plane, but also possibly because the cabin is over 6 foot high. TUI kindly sent over the photos to me to be used in this post because I didn’t take any of my own, so thank you very much TUI for those!

TUI B787 Dreamliner Flying


Due to me not booking seats when we booked our holiday, which I later regretted, we didn’t know whether we could be sat together upon check-in. Luckily on the way, we got seated together in the best seats on the plane in our opinion! We were seated on the back row to the right, where there were only two seats and plenty of room beside us to put our things during the flight. Being on the back row meant we could also recline our seats without anyone complaining, and even without reclining the leg room and comfort was incredible.

On our inbound flight back to Manchester, there was a pillow and blanket waiting on the seat for us and as it was an overnight flight, this was very welcome. It was so nice to have a comfortable seat and lots of legroom on the journey back so I could attempt to sleep – and even though I didn’t – it was a very comfortable flight and I didn’t feel like I was on the plane for 10 hours.

TUI B787 Dreamliner Parked

Food & Drink

On our outbound flight, complimentary drinks were served throughout, as well as water with our meal and afternoon tea. The meal we were served was a roast chicken dinner, with crackers, a bread roll, a mini Lily O’Briens truffle and a chocolate orange ganache for dessert. The meal was better than I was expecting! There was an option to have wine with your meal, followed by tea or coffee but I didn’t have any. The afternoon tea consisted of a cheese and spring onion roll, a scone with jam and cream, and a choice of tea or coffee. I didn’t actually eat this, because I’d eaten quite a lot of ginger nut biscuits (whoops), but it wasn’t too long before we landed.

On our inbound flight, we got two meals, both served with a drink. Dinner was roast chicken with wedges and vegetables, a bread roll, crackers, an after-dinner mint and a mousse cake. Like the outbound flight, you could have wine with your meal and tea or coffee afterwards, but again, I didn’t have any. The next meal was breakfast, which was a full English breakfast. I didn’t eat this but thoroughly enjoyed the orange juice it came with.

TUI B787 Dreamliner Inside


The entertainment that was offered on the Dreamliner was so impressive, I barely had to use any of the entertainment I’d taken in my carry-on. Our outbound flight to Cancun was a morning flight, so it was really easy to stay awake, as well as the fact there were brand new films on board to keep us entertained. During the flight, I watched The Shape Of Water, which was a bit odd; Horrible Bosses, which was hilarious; and Peter Rabbit, which I loved.

I also stayed awake on our inbound flight and watched Table 19, which was good; and Lady Bird, which was rather strange, but I enjoyed it. I listened to Little Mix’s latest album Glory Days whilst trying to sleep.

As soon as we landed in Cancun, they played Mr Blue Sky by ELO, which started our holiday off right. We’d definitely fly with TUI on the Dreamliner again.