The wonderful Great British Bake Off came back onto our screens on Tuesday evening and as a bit of a switch up, this series began with Biscuit week rather than Cake week. I think biscuits are 100x better than cake, which I’m aware is a very controversial opinion, so I was extremely excited about this. For the Signature Bake, the contestants had to bake biscuits inspired by where they were from, the Technical Challenge was to make Wagon Wheels and the Showstopper was to make a 3D biscuit selfie portrait. The Signature Bake inspired this weeks post. Although I am not from Scotland and have no Scottish in me whatsoever, I thought Shortbread was a good British bake – plus I’m not even sure there is a biscuit that originated in Birmingham!

GBBO Shortbread Biscuits GBBO Shortbread Biscuits Rounds

Once again I have found myself baking along with the Bake Off, I promised myself I wouldn’t this year as I’ll be busy starting my first year of Uni, but obviously, I couldn’t help myself. I don’t know if I’ll be joining in with all 10 weeks, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve started off this year by baking Shortbread biscuits, they’re quick and easy to make as well as being delicious. All you need to make Shortbread is flour, sugar, and butter – or Stork block if you want to make them vegan/dairy-free!

GBBO Shortbread Cookies GBBO Shortbread Rounds

You can find the recipe I used for this delicious shortbread here. This particular shortbread recipe is made even better by sprinkling caster sugar on the biscuits before you put them in the oven, for that classic shortbread taste. If regular shortbread biscuits are too plain for you, you could dip one half in chocolate to make them even more delicious or even add chocolate chips.

What is your favourite type of biscuit to make or eat?