I start my first year of university this month, four years later than the majority of my friends, so I didn’t really have anyone to share the excitement of stationery shopping with. However, stationery shopping is something I always find exciting and I had fun picking up a few bits and bobs ready to start my first year. I had been advised by students who have already completed year one of the course to get a certain amount of notebooks, lots of pens and some sticky notes, which was very doable considering my small budget.

first year stationery, notebooks, pens, sticky notes first year stationery, notebook and pens

I already had a lot of pens and pencils, as well as pens, highlighters and sticky notes with the logo of the university I’m studying at. I have collected this university branded stationery over the course of a few years, after going to over 5 open days at my dream university – you’ve got to keep yourself in the loop when it’s taking you a while to get there.

Due to the nature of the degree course I will be studying, I decided to leave my job working in a nursery and was very lucky to receive the majority of stationery I needed from my workplace and colleagues as a leaving present. I opened these while in a room full of all the children and my colleagues, which was incredibly emotional.

first year stationery tesco flamingo diary first year stationery wall planner and sticky dots

They kindly bought me 5 notebooks in varying sizes with the cutest motivational slogans, as well as some revision cards, which will come in handy for my exams. They also bought me a memo block, along with a bundle of highlighters, pens and pencils. The babies I have been looking after were desperately trying to take my pens, but luckily my stationery was wrapped in a bundle with bows, so they had lots of fun playing with the bows instead.

first year stationery pens and pencils first year stationery bundle, pens, notebooks, sticky notes

In true student fashion, I didn’t want to spend any money (that I don’t have) so opted to get my last few A4 notebooks that I would need from Poundland. They actually have some great designs in and the paper quality is really good, which is a bold statement coming from me as a Paperchase obsessive.

I wanted a wall planner to be super organised, and found a pretty one on Amazon. I also got a few A7 notebooks for placement, some sticky dots for my wall planner and some sticky notes from Wilko, as their stationery is affordable and still manages to look pretty. Another place I love for stationery is Tesco. From there I bought my A6 academic diary and an A4 popper folder, both in a gorgeous flamingo print.

You can check out what stationery I used for my first year of college here.