Double Decker Brownies

For my boyfriend’s birthday at the end of August, I decided to bake Double Decker brownies. Double Deckers are one of his favourite chocolate bars and he loves brownies, so I knew he’d love these. Brownies always seem to take forever to cook but with a bit of perseverance, you get the perfect gooey brownie.

To explain why there is no Great British Bake Off themed post this Sunday – unfortunately, as much as I love watching Bread Week and seeing all of the fantastic creations the Bake Off contestants make, I hate making bread. I find it so tedious and I am an impatient person that hates waiting for bread to prove. Don’t get me wrong, I love the end result but the initial thought of making bread is not a good one. I was going to make iced buns but they went ridiculously badly…so instead, I’ve got some brownies for you!

Double Decker Brownies Cut Double Decker Brownies Close-up

One of the many great things about brownies is that you can bake most chocolate bars with a filling into them, which adds more texture and makes them even more incredible than a normal brownie. The nougat in the brownies makes them perfectly chewy, and the crispies from the Double Decker add that little crunch to the brownie.

I also think brownies are more interesting to photograph if they contain a chocolate bar rather than just a standard chocolate brownie.

Double Decker Brownies Stacked Double Decker Brownies Gooey

This brownie recipe involves putting melted dark chocolate into the mix, as well as a small quantity of cocoa powder, which I think makes a richer chocolate brownie batter and therefore makes the brownies taste so much more chocolatey.

For me, this recipe did take quite a while longer to cook than stated, so I just popped some foil over the top of the brownie tin to prevent the edges from burning whilst cooking for longer.

Double Decker Brownies Far Focus Double Decker Brownies Close Focus

You can find the recipe I used for the Double Decker brownies here.

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