S’mores Cookie Bars

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I love to bake and that I am a huge fan of Jane’s Patisserie recipes. A few weeks ago I baked these delicious S’mores Cookie Bars for a BBQ me and my boyfriend went to, using Jane’s recipe which you can find here. This recipe involves using marshmallow fluff spread so there’s no faffing about with melting marshmallows. I’ve never actually had S’mores myself in the traditional sense (toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate sandwiched between digestive biscuits), but after eating these I definitely want to try them!

S'mores Cookie Bars SlicedS'mores Cookie Bars Baked

I actually made these S’mores cookie bars dairy-free unintentionally, by using Stork block instead of butter and dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips. It’s surprising how easily most recipes can be made dairy-free. This meant that I could actually enjoy these unlike most other things I bake, and I can confirm they are delicious. This recipe could probably be made vegan if you found an egg substitute and a substitute for the marshmallow fluff.

S'mores Cookie Bars FluffS'mores Cookie Bars Cut

I found it difficult to get the marshmallow fluff layer covered with the cookie dough, as you have to put most of the cookie dough in the tin, then the marshmallow fluff layer on top and the rest of the cookie dough on top of that. Mine seeped through, but it’s all to do with technique I suppose and it tastes exactly the same as it would if I had done it correctly! These s’mores cookie bars were a hit with everyone that had one, I’ll definitely be making them again.

S'mores Cookie Bars SlicesS'mores Cookie Bars

If you like the look of these cookie bars, I’ve also made Jane’s Patisserie’s Double Decker, M&M and Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cookie Bars.

Have you ever tried S’mores?


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