A couple of weeks ago, I headed to the Bullring in town to have a look around the newly refurbished Goldsmiths Birmingham showroom. Goldsmiths’ first showroom opened in 1778, in Newcastle. Now they are the largest quality jeweller in the UK, with showrooms in many towns and cities across the UK. Goldsmiths hold the most luxurious brands of jewellery, so it was a dream looking around their showroom, and I now have many items on my dream wish list.

Goldsmiths Birmingham Sign Goldsmiths Birmingham Guitarist Goldsmiths Birmingham Brands

On arrival, we were greeted by the lovely Laura, and we were both handed a refreshing glass of champagne. Chloe was my plus one for the event and we met Lauren there. It was so nice to have a catch up between us whilst looking at beautiful jewellery and comparing our thoughts on the pieces. There was also a guitarist playing modern and classic songs throughout the night which made looking round Goldsmiths Birmingham all the more enjoyable.

Goldsmiths Birmingham Chanel Goldsmiths Birmingham Gucci

If you have read my blog before this post, you’ll know that I love a classic designer timepiece. The majority of time I spent in the main showroom I was practically drooling over the Chanel and Gucci watches. Although they were all stunning, my favourite Gucci watch is the gorgeous gold and green one with the bee design, featured in my photo above. I also loved that there was an actual hand mannequin with the Chanel watches, showcasing what the watch would look like on your wrist, I was actually fascinated by it. I was a huge fan of the TAG Heuer area in the main showroom too, and made sure to snap a few photos of their smart watches!

Goldsmiths Birmingham Fope Goldsmiths Birmingham Tag Heuer

The new section of Goldsmiths contained beautiful consultation areas for each of the brands showcased inside, which included Cartier, Rolex and Fope. My favourite was the Rolex area, their classic unmissable logo was everywhere and was even embossed on each of their emerald green chairs, which would be the perfect place to sit and try on your new purchase. I couldn’t stop looking at the Rolex watches, they’re just so stunning and I’m sure they’d be everyone’s dream watch purchase if money was no object.

Goldsmiths Birmingham Rolex Logo Goldsmiths Birmingham Rolex Watch Goldsmiths Birmingham Rolex Chair

Thank you to Laura and Goldsmiths for inviting me along to the event, I had such a great time browsing all the beautiful jewellery.

What’s your dream item of jewellery?