Poolside Essentials

I’ve just returned from my holiday in Mexico, where I had an amazing time in the sunshine and spent a lot of time by the pool. For me, that’s what holidays are all about – there’s nothing better than relaxing by the pool. Before I went, I knew I wanted to do a poolside essentials post to show you what I think is essential for the poolside. I am aware that I haven’t included a towel in this post, but I don’t have one pretty enough and didn’t have to pack one as the hotel provided them!

poolside essentials


I am a religious suncream applier, mainly due to my incredibly pale skin but also because it’s great to be sun safe. I either use SPF 30 or 50 and I don’t burn (or tan to be honest). My favourite type is the Piz Buin sprays, they actually absorb into the skin so quickly, smell great and don’t feel horrendous and sticky. Suncream is so essential for the poolside, I apply it every time I get out the pool to sunbathe and when I’m about to get back into the pool too.


Obviously a bikini or swimsuit is essential for the poolside and I took one for every day of my holiday this year. I just feel like if you’ve got a bikini or swimsuit on that you feel good in, you’ll be more relaxed beside the pool. The one in these photos is from Motel, I’d been wanting it for ages and snapped it up in the sale just before I went on holiday for over half price!

poolside essentials poolside essentials


I am one of those people who thinks it’s too bright even in winter, so I wear sunglasses on holiday in the pool, at the poolside and until the sun goes down in the evening. I own a few pairs of cheap sunglasses in case they get lost or break – and if they’re getting covered in suncream anyway, I don’t see the point in buying an expensive pair. Plus on this trip I sat on one pair of mine and bent the arm haha!


Something that is great around the pool is that unless you pay, the wifi usually doesn’t work. I am a huge fan of this as I get too distracted aimlessly scrolling through my phone at home, and it gives me a chance to read. I took a couple of books away with me and managed to a finish whole book in two days of sitting by the pool, something I would never do at home!


It is also nice to have a bit of light reading for beside the pool, if you don’t feel like reading a book. I chose to take Elle, Cosmo and Kerrang away with me to read which are my top choices for magazines at home. I’d definitely recommend taking a couple if you get through them fast, especially if you’re going for longer than a week.

poolside essentialspoolside essentials

What are your poolside essentials?


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