On Thursday evening, I headed into town with Chloe to attend Giffgaff Gameplan’s Spend or Save blogger event. The event was at the gorgeous Yorks Cafe at the Ikon Gallery in Brindley Place, which is an absolute blogger’s dream and I need to go here for brunch one day. It was such a fun event to attend and I’m so glad I was invited along. Although I wish the photos were mine, all the photos in this post were taken by the amazing Elouisa Georgiou Photography.

It was all to promote Giffgaff Gameplan, which is Giffgaff’s personal finance service, aiming to help people improve their financial health, helping you to reach life goals and understand your credit report. One of the main features of Giffgaff Gameplan is comparing loans, energy providers, credit cards and car insurance. Personally, I find comparisons for insurance so helpful, I always want to know if I’m getting the best deal. Another great feature coming soon to Gameplan is smart budgeting, which sounds like the perfect feature for me, as I love to see exactly what I’ve got going in and out. To have your own say on how Giffgaff can improve Gameplan, you can join the Founders club here.

To help us get a better understanding of what Giffgaff Gameplan is all about, we played their board game ‘Spend or Save’, in which you can spend your money wisely or save for your life goals. You have two counters, one for your age and one to move around the board. Everyone starts off at the age of 20 with £1,000, ages five years each time they pass ‘payday’ and ends up in retirement – unless you run out of money! There are many different spaces on the board, some of which say things like “Freelance Job – receive £400” and others which say things like “Rent – pay £500”, much like real life. I definitely landed on more ‘pay’ spaces than ‘receive’ spaces, which is maybe one of the many reasons I didn’t win. There were also ‘Life Goals’ in the game, which included buying a car, getting married, saving for an ISA, saving for a pension and buying a house. I didn’t get around to buying any of these until near the end of the game…I hope this isn’t a reflection of what’s to come in real life!

They also provided delicious food at the event, which included pizza, seasoned potatoes, chips and salad. I’d already eaten for the evening, but the pizza looked amazing so I had to have a slice. I can confirm it tasted amazing too! We were also provided with drinks all night, including a glass of prosecco on arrival (I am a huge fan of prosecco).

The top three winners of the game won money to donate to their chosen charity, which I thought was an incredible idea and even more reason to go along to the event. The lovely people at Giffgaff Gameplan also gave us a wonderful goody bag which contained money saving tips, a piggy bank for saving those pennies, sweets, a money plant to grow and a Bodum travel mug, presumably to encourage you to buy less coffees out and about! I had a great time playing the game with a group of wonderful bloggers and will definitely be using Giffgaff Gameplan’s services to help me save my money more effectively.