Getting Back Into Fashion

If you read my blog before I had a very long unintentional break, you’ll know that I did a fair few fashion posts and now I’m planning on getting back into fashion. I’ve wanted to get back into posting fashion content for so long, but I’ve been on an unintentional spending ban for over a year, I haven’t actually bought any clothes myself and didn’t have the confidence to do anything fashion related. Hopefully I can now post some regular fashion content, I think I’ve finally got my mojo back!

Getting Back Into FashionGetting Back Into Fashion

For my first outfit post back I thought I’d pick a casual outfit that I’ve been loving wearing when the weather has been warmer. I bought this red gingham Fred Perry polo ages ago now, but it is a timeless piece in my wardrobe and can be dressed up or down. I decided to put it with my ASOS denim skirt which I have been wearing all the time, it’s so comfortable and I love that I can wear it with trainers. I love how bright my trainers look in these photos, they’re a gorgeous Lacoste pair that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday.

Getting Back Into Fashion Getting Back Into Fashion

I still don’t think I’ve got my poses quite right, mainly due to being paranoid about people watching what I’m doing – note the nervous laughing photos – but it’s nice to have some photos of myself that I can look at and not immediately detest. I’m hoping to put up some more fashion posts when I’m back from my holiday, as I have picked up quite a few pieces for that, I just need to train my boyfriend to use my camera haha. Until then you can check out my last fashion post before this here, which I put up last August.

Getting Back Into Fashion Getting Back Into Fashion

Thank you Chloe for taking these photos for me!


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