What I Got For My 22nd Birthday

As always with my ‘What I got for’ posts, this post is a late one due to the fact that life just gets in the way, as my birthday was over two weeks ago. I love reading this type of post, which is why I always post them as I know other people do too. I am most definitely not bragging, and I am incredibly grateful that so many people in my life wished me a Happy Birthday, sent me a card or gave me a present.

The first category of gifts for my birthday, which I was lucky to get quite a few things of, is clothing. As a student, I’m limited on funds so buying clothes for myself is a long lost memory. Before Christmas, I had no pyjamas that were suitable for the colder months and if you read my ‘What I got for Christmas‘ post, you’ll know that I was lucky enough to receive some. Well Rhys definitely took note of the fact I needed more pyjamas, and gave me the comfiest ASOS Kindness & Love legging pyjama set. I also received a few bits of gym wear for my birthday. Rhys’ parents bought me an Adidas top which is so handy as I only had one gym top before my birthday! My Mom also bought me two pairs of leggings from MyProtein, which are so comfortable and warm for this time of year at the gym.

I also received a few footwear items for my birthday. When Rhys asked me what I wanted in the way of birthday presents, I asked for some white trainers. He’s one of the only people I could trust completely with giving him such a brief description, and he bought me the most amazing pair of white Lacoste trainers. I love the crocodile print detailing on them and I can’t wait to wear them once everywhere gets less wet and muddy! Finally, my friend Katy bought me some Beauty & the Beast socks, which I love so much.

Rhys also got me this beautiful Olivia Burton necklace in rose gold, which is my favourite type of jewellery. When he asked me what I wanted for my birthday I gave him the information ‘a pretty necklace’, and this is the prettiest necklace I can imagine. I also got two other thoughtful gifts from my Mom and Rhys’ sister Bethan. My Mom got me a Links of London charm for my bracelet, which signifies one of the best years of my life so far and she also said it signifies ‘horse power’ as I passed my driving test at the end of last year. Bethan got me a beautiful rose gold fob watch, as I recently got offers to study Midwifery at university – this will be getting so much use.

Bethan also got me the Lush Love Hearts gift set, one of their Valentine’s gift sets. It has every bath bomb and bubble bar from the collection and I can’t wait to use them all. The packaging on Lush gift sets is always so pretty too and when unwrapping them you can always smell that there’s a Lush gift set inside!

I never get to buy myself new make up anymore, so it was wonderful to receive two items of make up on my birthday. My friend Alice got me a new Mac lipstick in Red Rock, because she knows how much I love my red lipsticks. Red Rock is the perfect bright red and I can’t wait to wear it. My brother and his girlfriend bought me the new Kat Von D X Billie Joe Armstrong Basketcase eyeliner, which I was so excited about. I love Kat Von D make up and Green Day are my favourite band, so I was so happy to open this.

I also got a few miscellaneous bits and bobs for my birthday. My friend Chloe bought me some gorgeous marble candles, which will be on display in my room nicely – such a blogger aesthetic. Another item that will be on display in my room is the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland ‘Pot of Dreams’ that my friend Danielle bought me, this will be perfect for saving up for things. Danielle also got me a Lakeland voucher, as it is one of my favourite shops and she knows how much I love baking. Rhys’ parents also know how much I love baking, so I was so happy to receive this pink glittery Paperchase notebook, with little cakes on the design. I’ll be able to use this to write recipes in! My friend Katy also bought me an amazing penguin ice scraper for my car and a stiletto wine holder with some pink fizz inside, which I didn’t manage to photograph.

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