2017 Films | October – December

2017 has been a good year for films in my opinion, and I’ve also been to see nearly every single film that I’ve wanted to see in the cinema, which makes such a change. There wasn’t much out between Halloween and Christmas, but I did get to see two films which I was very impressed with and one I wasn’t so impressed with…maybe it’s because I’m a bit more of a DC girl than a Marvel girl.

Thor: Ragnarok

I really wasn’t too impressed with Thor. To me it was an average film and it didn’t keep my interest (I may have fallen asleep because I was ill, but it also could’ve been the film). There was a lot of forced humour in it and I’m usually a huge fan of Marvel films, but this one just didn’t cut it for me.

Justice League

I loved Justice League, it really captured my attention and since I loved Wonder Woman so much, Diana being in this film really helped to keep me interested too. Ben Affleck being Batman also grew on me in this film, as I wasn’t so sure on him playing Batman when I saw Batman v Superman. I would definitely watch this again, it’s definitely one of the best films I’ve seen this year.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars needs no explanation for why this was an amazing film. Obviously I’m not going to include much information about this at all because I’m afraid of spoiling anything, I but I loved it. I am obsessed with Porgs and teared up a little every time Carrie Fisher graced the screen with her presence.

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