Lipsticks I’m Taking On Holiday

For me it’s a big decision to pick only five lip products I’m taking on holiday, especially if I want varied colours. I could have easily put five of my favourite reds in – but then obviously I’d be very limited! I decided to go for a few different finishes and no two similar colours for a bit of variety. I obviously had to put some of my favourites in my travel makeup bag!

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Apricot Shimmer

I thought I’d take a light lip product in case I want to wear some makeup in the day. This is the perfect lip product to just swipe on without much effort, it doesn’t stay on extremely long but it so easy to reapply that I don’t mind at all.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in Pink in Paris

This is a perfect moisturising lipstick which will be great if I want to wear a less daring shade in the evening, or if I feel like my lips need a bit of moisture.

MAC Viva Glam by Miley Cyrus

You need a hot pink lipstick on a summer holiday, it’s an unwritten rule. This one actually matches the colour I’ve had my nails painted, so it’ll be nice matching all over! This stays on for a long time and will be perfect for going for drinks, or an evening out.

MAC Lady Danger

I think this is the perfect summery red, this is why I’ve chosen only this red to come with me on holiday. If you know me you’ll know how much of a big deal this is. I find that MAC lipsticks stay on for a long time and this is the perfect shade for going out for drinks in the evening.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl

This is my favourite lipstick of all time, it’s the first lipstick I’ve repurchased and this was a necessity to bring with me. It’s the perfect everyday shade so it’d be good for the evening if we go out for dinner, mainly because it doesn’t budge and won’t end up all over my face. It also looks great with a tan, which I’m hoping I’ll have a bit of by the end of the holiday.

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