Christening Cupcakes & Other Bakes

The day this post is going up is the day of my boyfriend’s nephew Harry’s Christening, which I’ve done a bit of baking for and I wanted to show off what I’d baked for it. Four out of the five recipes I used are from Jane’s Patisserie, her recipes are some of my favourites to use because they work so well. The other recipe is from Cupcake Jemma, whose recipes I am also a huge fan of.

Firstly, I made cupcakes using Cupcake Jemma’s Vanilla cupcake recipe and Jane’s Patisserie’s Chocolate cupcake recipe, which I spent a lot of time and effort on. I decorated them with alternating blue and white buttercream icing, blue and white sugar craft stars and I decorated five of them with ‘HARRY’ on larger stars backing the letters. I baked them in blue baking cups from Iced Gems, which were so much easier than using cupcake cases and they can also expand so you have a ‘plate’ to eat the cake on.

I also made brownies which are a classic that everyone seems to love. There’s not much better than a gooey, chocolatey brownie and I hope these are a hit with the guests! Secondly, I made M&M cookie bars, as my Double Decker cookie bars went down so well before. I thought brownies and cookie bars would be the perfect tray-bakes to make for the Christening.

I decided that these Mars Bar Crispy Squares would also be great to make, they’re quick, easy and don’t require any baking. I made them for a charity bake stall last week and they were a hit, who doesn’t love chewy crispy cakes!

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