Disneyland Paris: Day Three

Today was my birthday! I felt so ill and achey that I didn’t actually get out of bed for hours, I couldn’t even go for breakfast so my friend brought me a croissant up to the room. When I finally found the energy to get ready, we headed to Paris on what felt like the longest train journey ever.

We saw the Arc de Triomphe first which I absolutely loved seeing, we walked down the street that it’s on and I felt so ill and thirsty that we stopped off at the ever so French McDonald’s. I then popped into a pharmacy to pick up some Bioderma as it’s my favourite micellar water. We all went into Sephora too, I bought some face masks as I’d heard good things about them and I can’t wait to try them. We carried on walking for a while down that street before hopping on a train to the Louvre. We got there when the sun was setting so it was a beautiful time to see it and take photos.

My friend and her boyfriend went in the Louvre, whilst me and my other friend went on a walk along the Seine before we all headed to the Hard Rock Café for my birthday dinner. I loved the music and the food! The pudding I had was especially amazing – who doesn’t love molten chocolate cake for pudding. I was also extremely happy about the refillable drinks there.

After the Hard Rock Café, we went to the Eiffel Tower. I waited at the bottom while the rest of them went up and it was absolutely freezing. We got on the train back for another long journey and went back to the hotel.

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