Today I felt a lot better than I did the day before. We headed into the Studios park after breakfast. We had a look in some of the shops before going on the Aladdin Flying Carpet ride, Cars ride and Slinky ride. When we came off the Slinky ride, we noticed a queue and Mickey Mouse at the end of it. So obviously we joined it and met Mickey!

While the others queued for Crush’s Coaster, I went shopping and into the Disneyland Park to watch the Parade. Eugene/Flynn and Prince Adam (Human Beast) said Happy Birthday! I then went back to the Studios park to meet my friends. We got our tea time treat and then went to McDonald’s before watching the Star Wars light show. It was absolutely incredible!

We then went to the Disneyland Park to watch Dreams for the last time, this made me sad! But also we were glad we could see Dreams again, we thought the Star Wars show clashed with it. After Dreams, we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner and then to the Sports Bar for the long awaited Glo-Tini which was magical. We headed back to the hotel afterwards to pack.

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