I never thought I’d become so besotted with a shampoo, yet here I am. I have suffered from awful scalp dermatitis for as long as I can remember and eventually after about 10 years, I got fed up of using the horrible smelling T-Gel and Nizoral shampoos and found Lush Soak and Float. When I originally picked Soak and Float up around 3-4 years ago, this didn’t smell that great either, it smelt like tar and bonfires. However, they reformulated it around the same time the Oxford Street store opened and now it smells great.

Lush Soak and Float Bar on PackagingLush Soak and Float Shampoo BarLush Soak and Float Holding Bar

If you’ve never tried a shampoo bar, they may seem a little abnormal to you. I think they work much better and you use so much less shampoo. One bar of Lush Soak and Float lasts me three months and I wash my hair every other day, so if you wash your hair less than that it’ll last you a lot longer. I just wet my hands and the bar, like you would with a bar of soap and use the lather in my hands on my hair.

My scalp dermatitis is extremely bad and it really knocks my confidence. It’s not just dandruff like a lot of people may think, it’s itchy and sore and when it’s near your hairline which everyone can see, it’s really not nice. Soak and Float relieves my scalp of all the problems it has, it makes my scalp a lot less itchy and there is no noticeable irritation on my hairline. Recently, this shampoo bar went out of stock everywhere due to them not being able to get one of the ingredients and my scalp suffered severely. If there is a product I definitely could not live without, it’s this!

Do you have a product you can’t live without?
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