One – Perfume

I personally love to receive perfume as a gift, especially at Christmas, as that scent will be worn throughout the next year and remind me of that year. There are plenty of perfumes out there to choose from as well, so you’re bound to find one that the recipient of the gift would love. Also, personally it’s something I’d never really buy myself so it’s lovely to receive it as a gift.

Two – Mug

The majority of people enjoy hot drinks and it’s nice to have a lovely mug to drink out of. The recipient of the mug could also take it to work and have it as ‘their’ mug which is a lovely idea. This one from Caroline Gardner has such a lovely design and this would definitely be my favourite mug if I got it for Christmas!

Three – Candle

A candle is something a lot of people I know love to receive for Christmas, it’s always nice to have a nice smelling house and one that smells of the season you’re in. This NEOM one smells divine and it’s classed as a ‘travel candle’, which would be great if the recipient loves to change up scents as it won’t last as long as a large jar.

Four – Stationery

Stationery is a great gift for a lot of women, whether they’re at college or university or just like being organised like me. This HAY pen is beautiful and would go perfectly with a lovely notebook or diary, the kind of things people want but wouldn’t buy themselves.

Five – Wash & Wear Travel Bag Set

These bags are such a great idea for a gift, especially for people who travel a lot. They’d be great especially for underwear and socks as they’re the perfect size for those kind of things. They’ve got a really lovely font on as well and feel high quality.

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*This post contains gifted products