Top 10 Songs This Week #4

in music, songs, September 4, 2016

I haven’t really listened to anything new this week that I wouldn’t usually, it’s been a week where I’ve just stuck my Apple Music on shuffle and hoped for the best. Luckily these songs were some of the ones that came up and the ones I’ve been enjoying the most this week. These are mostly the ones I’ve been dancing around the kitchen to while cooking!

1. All I Ask Of You – Skrillex

2. I Try – Macy Gray
3. Make Me… – Britney Spears ft. G-Eazy
4. Emperor’s New Clothes – Panic! At The Disco
5. Anklebiters – Paramore
6. London Queen – Charli XCX
7. Under The Sea – The Little Mermaid, Samuel E. Wright
8. Sexed Up – Robbie Williams
9. Undisclosed Desires – Muse
10. Daniel in the Den – Bastille
What songs have you been enjoying this week?

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