Aluna Cocktail Bar | Mailbox Birmingham

Last week, me and Chloe headed to Aluna in the Mailbox in town to sample some of their cocktails. Despite only living down the road, I’ve never been to the Mailbox in Birmingham before so that is an experience in itself! We looked at the menu of cocktails at Aluna, Chloe decided on a Marshmallow Daiquiri and I chose a Colour Changing Martini. We also tried an Asian Infusion sharing cocktail – which is what is shown in the amazing cauldron above!

The Marshmallow Daiquiri consisted of vodka, vanilla liqueur and homemade marshmallow, toasted right in front of your very eyes. It smelt amazing and looked rather tasty! The Colour Changing Martini is pretty much what it’s called, but I had a vaccine to put into it to make it change colour. Both glasses were filled with ice while the cocktails were being made to chill them, which is an incredible touch. I hope I’m remembering this correctly, but the Asian Infusion was gin, infused with tea, ginger and lemongrass. It was made in the most amazing way – it looked like a science experiment!

If I visited Aluna again I’d definitely love to try the Lava Lamp (it actually looks like a lava lamp), Strawberry Bellini and the non-alcoholic Frostope because it sounds incredible.

What’s your favourite cocktail?

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