Urban Decay in Wonderland | The Queens

For my last Alice Through The Looking Glass inspired make up looks, I thought I’d combine the Red Queen and the White Queen in one post. Mirana is the White Queen and Iracebeth is the Red Queen, both of who have rather fun make up!

For Mirana’s make up I did my base as normal. For the eyes, I put Duchess all over my lid, Kingdom in the middle of the lid, Chessboard in the crease and Lily in the inner corner. I then popped MAC Russian Red on to complete the look.

For Iracebeth’s make up look I went for her classic blue eyes. I put Heads Will Roll all over my lid, Bandersnatch in the crease and then the oh-so-sparkly Royal Flush in the inner corner. I then changed the lipstick up a little by putting Lady Danger on.

How would you do the Queens’ make up?

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