My Favourite YouTubers

in lifestyle, June 24, 2016

I rarely ever watch TV and in my relaxation time, I like to watch YouTube videos. There are a fair few people’s videos I love to watch, but I thought I’d limit myself to 10 for this post, otherwise it would get a bit too much! These are in no particular order.


Everyday at 6pm, there is a new SacconeJoly’s video. I think that’s one thing I love about them – there is always a new video to watch. I have no idea why daily vlogs interest me so much, but they do. Such a lovely little family and their videos are so uplifting! I love watching Anna and Jonathan’s separate main channel videos too.

Charlotte | LilMissChickas

I really look forward to Charlotte’s weekly vlogs, Disney vlogs and Disney videos. Her weekly vlogs are the most interesting weekly vlogs I watch and I love how long they are, meaning I can watch them while I eat my dinner haha! I also love Disney a lot and I love hearing all about Disney on her channel.

Ellie Steadman

I haven’t been watching Ellie’s videos for long, but I always look forward to her uploads. I absolutely love her Disney vlogs, they’re some of the best ones I watch and they really give you an insight into Disneyland Paris and Disney World. I also love her general Disney videos and her weekly vlogs which she started recently!

Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna’s videos are rather different. Once a week she does ‘Dear Carrie’ to Carrie Fletcher who is Tom Fletcher’s sister, which are fun to watch as it’s like a weekly round up.

Rhiannon Ashlee

I’d say Rhiannon’s videos and vlogs are the ones I most look forward to watching out of everyone’s. This month she’s vlogging everyday in June and is doing amazing! Her vlogs are really enjoyable to watch and it’s lovely watching her videos through her pregnancy journey.

Cupcake Jemma

Jemma uploads new videos every Thursday and honestly as soon as I’ve watched her most recent upload, I’m counting down to the next one. Her recipes are to die for and ever so yummy. I love seeing new things I could bake and recreate, and the new interesting recipes she’s come up with.


Fleur was the first YouTuber I ever watched, back in 2010 I searched for a Pixie Lott make up tutorial and found Fleur’s channel. Since then I’ve been watching her videos and I absolutely love them still to this day. Fleur’s channel is mainly beauty and fashion, I also love watching her vlog channel.

Melody Collis

I love watching Melody’s videos, she does vlogs and sit down videos and both are enjoyable to watch. One of her most recent videos was her Tattoo Collection – which I loved, one because she has a Green Day tattoo and two because I’m nosey and love seeing other people’s tattoos!


Shannon uploads make up tutorials and first impressions. I love how honest she is about beauty products and how she does her make up!

Sarah Ashcroft

If you follow Sarah’s instagram or blog you’ll know how her make up is always on point. I love watching her make up tutorials to see how to recreate her make up.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

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