Happy National Stationery Day! I am obsessed with stationery if you didn’t already know, which means this is quite an exciting week to talk about for me, however sad you think that is. National Stationery Week this year is from the 25th April to the 1st May. I use stationery on a day-to-day basis and I think it’s so important. Sometimes my words don’t flow when I type them, but when I write them onto paper they flow naturally. I also think having brand new stationery is so nice, I always enjoyed buying my stationery for college.

I was kindly sent some bits for National Stationery Week, both useful and fun things. I always write with Bic Cristal Biros so it was nice to receive a pack of these, they’ll be perfect for when I go back to college in September. I got another Sheaffer ballpoint pen, which is lovely. It’s great to have a nice pen to write with! I also got a pack of Staedtler colouring pencils, which will be perfect for using with my Alice in Wonderland colouring book. The Maped Graph Peps I was sent look like they’d be perfect for making fun notes in my organiser. The last thing I was sent was an A5 Notebook from NU:elite. The pages are nice and thick meaning if I want to write on them with fineliner it shouldn’t go through, which is always good!

Do you use stationery on a day-to-day basis?

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