For my birthday two of my friends bought me this amazing LUSH gift set. I was so excited and happy to receive this, as I’ve never actually used any of these LUSH products before. The packaging of the Happy Daze gift box is so 1960’s and psychedelic, I love it so much! It includes The Experimenter and Fizzbanger bath bombs, as well as the Brightside and The Comforter bubble bars.

The Experimenter

I’d heard big things about this bath bomb so I was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed and I was not! It fizzed to reveal the most incredible colours, I think the highlight of this is watching it fizz. It also smells like vanilla which is one of my favourite scents.


I’m really sad about this bath bomb, I can’t actually use it because it has cinnamon oil in! According to the LUSH website it has an apple pie like fragrance, which sounds amazing. Also, it is meant to be a calming, uplifting bath bomb due to some of the ingredients in it.


This bubble bar is amazing. I barely ever have bubbles in my bath and haven’t for years, having ones that smell citrusy is a bonus. It turns your water orange and I think it’s a nice uplifting spring/summer scent.

The Comforter

What a lovely bubble bar! I love the blackcurrant smell of this, another one of my favourite scents. The bubbles it creates are just amazing, and it turns your water a lovely shade of pink.

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