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Last year I attended an event all about Pinterest and how to utilise it. This post has certainly been a long time coming but I wanted to wait to write it until I’d completely got the hang of it, and was putting the tips into practice myself. I am by no means saying this is how you must use Pinterest, this is just what I learnt from the event I attended held by people from Pinterest.

Make your boards specific

Your pins will be easier to find and navigate if you have them in specific boards. Rather than having ‘Food’, have boards like ‘Food – Breakfast’ ‘Food – Cake’ etc. It will make your boards and pins easier to find which means more engagement with your pins.

Have detailed pin descriptions

When I first started using Pinterest, I just used to repin and didn’t realise that you’re actually meant to edit the description under the pin! If you’ve got an image of a Motel dress for example rather than putting ‘Wow this looks amazing!’, you could write ‘Motel Selina Slip Dress in Vintage Floral, I’d love to style this with some cleated heel Chelsea boots’. This will help to engage more people with the pin, they will find what they were specifically searching for.

Vertical high quality photos are best 

When uploading photos to your blog, it would be great for pins if you made your main title photo a vertical, high quality image. This means people will be able to pin it and whoever sees it on Pinterest will get a great preview of your post. Also, because of the layout of Pinterest, vertical photos look better.

Install the ‘pin it’ button on your blog

Installing the pin it button on your blog, especially if it shows up when people hover over your photos, is a great way of sharing your blog on Pinterest. It means your readers can come to your blog and they can easily share an image on Pinterest, also you will show up as the source.

Pin regularly

The way the majority of pins are found is through searching and the home page. Therefore if someone follows you and you’re pinning often, your pins are more likely to show up on their homepage, so they’re more likely to repin you!

There’s no such thing as too many pins!

Pin as much as you want! There is no such thing as too many pins or too many boards. However, if you know you’ll be pinning a lot to certain boards before you create them and don’t want to fill up everyone’s homepage with your pins, you can always start the board as secret and then make it public later on.

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