My Year, 2015

2015 is the year that has flown by the quickest. Nothing very big has happened to me this year, but it hasn’t been extremely unpleasant! I set myself some goals for 2015 and I thought I’d update you on them. I have started my driving lessons and my test is booked in 2016, I will update you when I pass! I passed my beauty course, which I was glad about. I didn’t apply to university because I was unsure what I wanted to do and now I know I can get started. I have started to be more positive about things and I’ve definitely stayed rather organised. At the beginning of the year I was proud of my blog, but it started trailing off later in the year.


At the start of the year, me and Ryan celebrated our 6th anniversary together. I also turned 19, my last year of being a teenager, very scary! 


Ryan had bought me a 3DS XL for my birthday and it came out this month. I enjoyed playing Pokemon for the first time in approximately 5 years! We did Valentine’s Day for the first time in about 6 years and went for a meal at the Harvester. Me and Ryan went to see Enter Shikari this month and they were AMAZING. I visited Sheffield for my friend Alice’s birthday, we went to the cinema a few times and had a fun weekend.


Me and my Mom went to see Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre in London which was wonderful. I hope to go again in 2016! We also went to the V&A museum to see a wedding dress exhibition, we saw Dita Von Teese’s beautiful dress and shoes. I went to my first blogger event in London, alone, but it was amazing. The Amazon HQ fashion bloggers event where I met some wonderful bloggers. I went to Sheffield again to visit Alice! I went to see McBusted with my Mom and absolutely loved it. I also signed up to Netflix…less money and productivity haha!


I went to the cinema a few times this month, I saw Cinderella, Fast and Furious 7 and Avengers Age of Ultron. I also went to the FloridaTix 10th Birthday event, which was the most fun blogger event I’ve ever been to!


I started off the month by going to see Unfriended at the cinema. I also went to see S Club 7 which I had wanted to do since I was around 3 years old. I went to Sheffield to visit Alice. I also went to see my boyfriend’s band play at the Flapper. I also watched the Back to the Future trilogy properly!


I got the Elder Scrolls Imperial Edition for PS4 and it took 3 days to download, but after that played it loads. Decided I was going to get fit and bought an exercise DVD, which I did once… Game of Thrones Season 5 finished and there was plenty of crying. Can’t wait for the next season! I got my nose pierced which I never thought I would do. I went to see the live Take That concert at the cinema with my Mom. Ryan turned 19 and we celebrated by eating loads of food. Me and Ryan did our first BBQ together which was yummy and hilarious.


I started to watch Gossip Girl again from the beginning. I went to my sister’s hen party which was fun. I also went to see Ryan’s band play. I went to the Christmas in July event at Paperchase alone and fell in love with their Christmas ranges. I went to Solihull for the first time for a blogger event and it was lovely in the sunny weather! I went to London with my Mom for the CAT PR event and had amazing nails done by Jazz Smedley. We also went to the Fashion on the Ration exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. I went to see the Gallows at the cinema – it was a weird film and it actually scared me haha! I also went to see Ant Man and Inside Out, and I loved them both. My baking obsession began. I went to a Pinterest event which was so informative and I loved it.


I started my driving lessons. I used Bondi Sands for the first time and it is amazing! Me and Ryan stayed in his parent’s house for a week together while they were on holiday and actually coped quite well being all adulty. I went to my sister’s wedding reception which was quite funny. Me and Ryan and all of his family went for a meal for his Auntie’s 50th birthday, which was wonderful. I made a baked New York Cheesecake!



The first September in 16 years that I didn’t go back to education! Not being in education has good and bad points. I went to Birmingham Fashion Week and also Blogger’s Fashion Week in London which was amazing! I went to London with my friend Emily, went to the pop-up Magnum shop and then to see Halsey at O2 Academy Islington. I did work experience at my local hospital and made my mind up on the career I want, I loved the work experience and was so happy there. I ran a table at a Fresher’s Fayre which was crazy! 


I bought my Mom Muse tickets for her birthday and had to keep it secret until December! I went baby mad – meaning I couldn’t stop buying baby things for people I know having babies! I went to the Next Lingerie Blogger’s Event and I’m so pleased to be in the correct bra size finally. I also bought Slipknot tickets for next February. I went to Grand Central for the first time and also went to my first Baby Shower which was exciting. I watched loads of Star Wars and went to see Hamlet at the cinema. I made my first Christmas cake! 


This is the month I became obsessed with Pinterest. Me and Ryan went to the Fallout 4 midnight launch which was loads of fun. I went to London with my Mom, saw all the Christmas lights and we went to see American Idiot the musical which was AMAZING! I passed my theory test first time and was very proud of myself. I went to see my boyfriend’s band. Me and Ryan went round to his cousin’s house for his girlfriend’s birthday and had a great time. I bought new clothes finally!


I went to see the Prodigy with Ryan, his brother and cousins and it was so good! We went out for my Mom’s birthday for a lovely meal. Me, Ryan and my brother also went to see Sikth and Hacktivist who were amazing. I saw both of my sisters. I went to see Star Wars with Ryan and my brother and it was the best thing ever! I had the best Christmas.

I hope 2016 is as exciting as this year, although I hope it doesn’t go as fast and I have time to breathe and take it all in!

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