The Book of Everyone

When ‘The Book of Everyone’ contacted me asking if I’d like to review one of their books, I knew it would make a perfect Christmas gift for my boyfriend, Ryan. I’d seen these books on plenty of other blogs and thought they looked wonderful. Everything from making the book to receiving it was such a breeze, I’d definitely order one again.

The book is really easy to edit and most pages are done for you, but you can add images and change the text to make the book more personal. I chose the Christmassy one as me and Ryan both love Christmas and I thought he’d appreciate it. It includes some great facts such as how much things were when you were born, the number one and blockbuster film the day you were born and the approximate number person on the earth you were at birth. Things you’d never think about but would be fun to know!

You can also create personal pages such as the brain one above – I changed it to the things I think Ryan thinks about the most and also the ‘I like you more than…’ page because he knows how much I love chocolate! I also added some images opposite rather than the quotes that were there, it added a more personal touch.

All of the book is really high quality and I would say it’s definitely worth the £29.99 price tag for the hardback version. I’m already thinking about getting these for people’s birthdays and Christmas next year! With the hardback version you also get a digital download version, which is always good when you want to show people your amazing gift without taking the book everywhere. You can make your own here.

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