Ever since my Mom knitted my first Christmas jumper in 2012, I’ve been obsessed. I now own four and I love them all, I actually think it’s a shame I can only really wear them in December. My Penguin jumper was knitted by my Mom and I love it. Penguins are my favourite and I found this pattern online, it’s adorable. This is also the comfiest, slouchiest jumper I own. I bought my ‘Filthy Animal’ jumper in 2013 from Boohoo. Home Alone is one of my favourite Christmas films so it only seemed right I bought this one!

In 2014, I bought my reindeer jumper from Next, mostly to wear at work. This one’s more lightweight than the others so it’s great if I’m indoors. My most recent Christmas jumper is the Christmas pudding one, I bought it at the beginning of this year in the New Look sale for £5 which I think is a bargain!

Do you own a Christmas jumper?

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