Christmas Organisation

in blogmas, christmas, December 6, 2015

I have a notebook that I use every year to organise Christmas. I have a page with a card list, a page with a present list and another page with a food list. With my card list, I write everyone I’m sending/giving a card to and a tick box next to their name. Once I’ve written it, I’ll tick the box. Then I’ll highlight it once it’s been given or posted. With the present list, I’ll start by writing down everyone who I’m giving a present to. Then next to their name I write what I’m going to buy or make them. When I’ve bought the present I will tick next to the present and write down how much it cost so I don’t overspend. I highlight the present when I’ve wrapped it so I know it’s ready to be given.

My food list has everything on that my household has over the festive period. This includes everything from Christmas dinner to things for the cold buffet from Christmas Eve up until New Years Day. The main items on there for me have to be glass bottles of coke and a box of After Eights!

My lists help to keep me organised and know where I am with Christmas It is an extremely busy time of the year – especially since me and my Mom may only have Christmas Day off in December – so it keeps me sane if I make lists! This year I’ve also bought a Christmas planner from Paperchase.

Do you have anything in particular that you do to keep organised for Christmas?

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