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One – Guitar Hero Live

Most people that own a games console have played Guitar Hero and know how fun it is. This version has updated songs on it and you can also download new ones, making it even more fun!

Two – Gaming Chair

I’m not lying when I say these are SO comfortable. They are the most chilled out chairs I’ve ever sat in, perfect chairs for gaming in! One of these would be a great present for someone that loves gaming, there are so many features on them that would make their gaming experience better.

Three – Star Wars Battlefront

This is a newer version of the older Star Wars Battlefront games and what a better time to buy it for someone, with the new film out just before Christmas!

Four – Animal Crossing

If you have a DS, you’ve probably played Animal Crossing and already know it’s a great gift. You live in your own town and can decorate your house, you can also play with friends. It’s a fun game for people that like exploring games!

Five – Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is one of the biggest games this year and the ratings of it are so high. Everyone that I know that’s played it has agreed how good it is, I think this is one of the best gaming gifts for this Christmas.

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