Christmas Gift Guide 2015 #1 – What to get HER

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One – Something from Cath Kidston

I find that a LOT of people love Cath Kidston and I think all the things from the brand are so pretty! I think that the majority of women would love to receive something from Cath Kidston for Christmas. This towel is the softest towel I have ever felt and I’m absolutely in love with the cloud print. I’m sure most of you will agree this would be a beautiful gift!

Two – Perfume 

You can never have too much perfume, so this is always a good gift. As long as you know which scents they like, with the help of the internet or someone in the shop it’s an easy gift! One of my favourites is Givenchy Dahlia Noir, which is described as having a powdery rose and vanilla fragrance.

Three – Jewellery 

If you know someone that loves wearing jewellery, it is hands down one of the best gifts to go for. It’s amazing how you can buy someone a piece of jewellery and it can become one of their favourite pieces that they wear everyday. Everytime I put on a piece of jewellery that someone has bought me I think of them, so it’s nice to know it’ll do the same if you give someone a piece as a gift!

Four – A Book 

For someone that loves reading, they’ll be so excited that you’ve bought them a new book to read. The one I chose for my gift guide was Vivienne Westwood’s autobiography, a must have for anyone who loves her designs or fashion in general.

Five – A Mug with their favourite hot drink!

This mug is absolutely gorgeous and I know exactly who I’d gift it to! This is a perfect gift for anyone who likes hot drinks, a mug with their favourite drink included whether that be tea, coffee, hot chocolate or something else. It’s a very useful gift and also a very pretty and thoughtful one if you pick the right mug.

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